Ray Brownson is a partner of the firm.

Ray works in the Litigation team undertaking a wide range of work including, Family Law, Co-habitation disputes, Landlord and Tenant and advising clients on employment settlement agreements.

With over 20 years of experience, Ray has the benefit of a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding of complex legal issues. He is recognised as a tenacious and skilled litigator with considerable experience in areas of family law including divorce, financial remedy proceedings and private children matters. He advises unmarried couples in relation to cohabitation agreements and their rights as to ownership of property. He has several years’ experience in both matrimonial and children disputes at all levels, many with an international or jurisdictional element. Clients from all backgrounds have entrusted Ray to protect their families, their finances and their future.

Ray acts for landlords and tenants of both commercial and residential property. This gives him an insight into the tactics and strategies that may be adopted by an opponent. Ray actively looks for ways to reach practical and cost-effective solutions, whether through negotiation, court proceedings, self-help remedies or alternative dispute resolution. He works with his clients as part of a team, often alongside surveyors, agents and a variety of other experts.

Areas of expertise


If your relationship breaks down you need clear direction from the outset on the legal options available to enable you to make informed decisions.

Ray deals with all aspects of family breakdown and divorce for private clients. His first priority is to protect his clients and preserve their interests. He will endeavour to minimise conflict between separating couples and to resolve the issues between them with dignity but, if necessary, will take swift and firm action to safeguard his clients.

Matrimonial Finances

On divorce or separation, there are often financial matters, such as a family home or pension, which need to be resolved. There may also be children from the relationship who require financial support.

Ray can negotiate and agree a fair and robust settlement, and then draft the Consent Order to legalise the agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached Ray can represent you in financial remedy proceedings and has extensive experience of conducting this type of legal action.

Co-habiting & Trusts of Land

The law relating to unmarried couples can be very complex, particularly in relation to property. Despite plans to reform the law, such cases are still dealt with under strict property law and the law of trusts. Ray can advise you as to the consequences of your separation, which are often very different from the settlement you would have achieved if you had been married.

Ray can also give advice on a cohabitation agreement at the outset of such a relationship or during it as to the best way to protect your assets and income if you subsequently separate.

Interveners Proceedings

There are frequently proceedings during the process of a divorce concerning property owned by other family members. In some circumstances the courts will need to decide whether those third parties should be joined as a party to the financial remedy proceedings and Ray has a great deal of experience in dealing with these cases.

Disputes Involving Children

In family law, where proceedings involve children, the court’s paramount consideration is given to the importance of children’s wishes, feelings and welfare.

Court proceedings can become quite protracted, so it is sensible to seek early advice to determine whether an agreement can be reached through negotiations before embarking on court proceedings.

As an experienced family lawyer with expertise in areas such as residence, contact, financial maintenance of children, child relocation and child abduction, Ray can give you clear and pragmatic advice on your rights and obligations and on the methods of dispute resolution which may be open to you.

Landlord & Tenant

Most tenant and landlord disputes come about because either the tenant or landlord has breached their obligations, or because their interests conflict. Perhaps rent is in arrears or the tenant has unlawfully sub-let part of the property. Or perhaps there is a disagreement about a service charge or the terms of the lease.

Ray will take an objective view and advise clients on the best approach to protect their interests. Ray’s advice is always plain and simple, and your costs and achieving the right results are always at the forefront of his mind.

Lease Extensions

Ray has extensive experience in lease extensions, having successfully completed numerous freehold purchases and lease extensions in the Cambridge area. He can advise both landlords and tenants on applications for the purchase of the freehold or a lease extension.

You should contact us as early as possible to discuss your options as it is usually beneficial to act sooner rather than later. The costs of extending a lease or purchasing a freehold increases as the years on your lease decrease and property prices increase.


Ray is highly experienced in advising on, and successfully negotiating the terms of, settlement agreements (formally known as compromise agreements). He has advised on agreements ranging from all parts of the employment spectrum, including senior executives in blue chip companies to middle management and more junior roles.

In almost all settlement agreements, the employer will make a contribution towards the costs of legal advice on the terms of the agreement. This contribution will usually cover our fees and there should be a clause in the agreement approving this.

Ray arranges settlement agreements regularly for our clients, and he always makes it his business to achieve the best possible outcome.

For help or advice please get in touch:

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Other information

In his spare time, Ray enjoys keeping fit and immersing himself in history. He is a follower of Formula One and is also the treasurer of the Salonika Campaign Society.

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